Grocery - use the easy on-line grocery list maker for all your shopping needs and Johnie on the Spot will have them in you kitchen when you arrive.

Local residents who are to busy to shop call for specials.

$20 an hour
accept MasterCard & Visa

Referrals - Johnie will refer you to all of her favorites.

Here are some areas Johnie can help with referrals.

  • Resturants
  • Fishing Guides
  • Child Care
  • Spa / Massage
  • Surf Lessons
  • Sunset Cruises
  • Dolphin Watch
  • Lodging
  • Property Management
  • Handymen, Contractors
  • Painters
  • and more.

All referrals are free, tips for tips welcome

Pre-Arrival Grocery Shopping

You make the list then show up to find your kitchen stocked with all your favorites.

Make Your List

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